EBICS payments for companies

Payments: an affordable and reliable basic infrastructure

Automated daily payments help companies and data centres reduce production cost – when releasing payments from different locations or to various banks and across multiple European countries.

PPI AG developed TRAVIC payment modules to meet these requirements: TRAVIC-Port, TRAVIC-Link, TRAVIC-Host and EBICS-Sign. TRAVIC products enable cost-efficient electronic banking as well as automated and fast mass payments based on the German-French EBICS standard. TRAVIC supports SEPA formats as well as specific national characteristics in the European payments market. Examples include the DFÜ Agreement of the German Banking Industry Committee (Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft), the implementation guidelines of CFONB in France, SIX in Switzerland as well as multiple national payment formats around the world.

In offering TRAVIC products we emphasize high quality, simple and fast implementation and best- in-class service. We manage complex production environments reliably. For companies with a host-based infrastructure, we provide standardised payment products for z/OS in order to avoid platform changes and complex activities in the data centre.

Central web solution TRAVIC-Port

Portals can make payments simpler and more flexible.

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Automated payments with TRAVIC-Link

Corporate customers must manage their payments traffic with financial institutions in an automated, reliable and secure manner.

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Automated payments for z/OS

TRAVIC-Interbank/Host (TIH) provides a fully automated EBICS-Client for the host platform z/OS.

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Order authorisation with EBICS-Sign

Our solution for the distributed authorisation of payment orders using secure signatures based on EBICS protocols.

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