EBICS payments for companies with large volumes


Corporate customers must manage their payments traffic with financial institutions in an automated, reliable and – most importantly – secure manner. In particular companies with high payment volumes or time-critical transactions require fully automated and completely reliable solutions. TRAVIC-Link is the perfect solution for them.

TRAVIC-Link is a fully-automated client system for electronic banking which supports all versions of the EBICS standard:

  • for German financial institutions (based on DFÜ for remote data transfer with clients and DFÜ for data centres)
  • for French financial institutions (based on CFONB implementation guidelines with authorisation procedures T and TS)
  • for Swiss financial institutions (based on SIX guidelines)
  • for Portuguese institutions
  • for interbank payment transactions with the German Central Bank, EBA CLEARING or bilateral file exchanges ("Garagenclearing") for financial institutions

Automated customer protocols (PTK, PSR), comprehensive follow-up processing options, integrating custom scripts and interfaces for controlling or monitoring enable perfect integration into existing infrastructures for fully automatic operation.

Audit requirements following internal authorisation or problems with critical cut-off times can be met via EBICS-Sign or EBICS-Mobile:

  • distributed electronic signature based on EBICS (authorisation takes place at the bank post transfer)
  • distributed signature within the company (payment leaves the company only fully authorised)
  • EBICS distributed electronic signature or electronic signature within the company via mobile app

Upgrading to a strategic gateway for all internal and external corporate file transfers is simple. Multiple additional communication methods are available for this purpose.

Central web solution TRAVIC-Port

Portals can make payments simpler and more flexible.

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Automated payments for z/OS

TRAVIC-Interbank/Host (TIH) provides a fully automated EBICS-Client for the host platform z/OS.

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Order authorisation with EBICS-Sign

Our solution for the distributed authorisation of payment orders using secure signatures based on EBICS protocols.

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