Electronic payment portal – for companies and financial institutions


Small and medium-sized enterprises increasingly demand to make payments via the internet. Portals can make payments simpler and more flexible. Customers do not need to install or administer banking software. They can instruct payments from multiple devices with internet access. Banks able to offer appropriate solutions can attract and hold customers. .

TRAVIC-Port enables banks, data centres and service providers to set up a portal environment suited to their specific needs.


  • can be easily integrated into existing portals as a web service. Using portlets it can function as an individually upgradable solution
  • offers multi-banking capabilities based on standardised interfaces and usage of EBICS standards
  • includes a multi-client capability
  • can be individually configured and adapted to the look & feel of a financial institution
  • offers maximum availability and operates 24/7
  • is operationally secure on the basis of electronic signatures and cryptographic encoding, also with portal access

TRAVIC-Port supports all electronic payment processes, including administration, database management, configuration, key management and secure operations.

TRAVIC-Port is multilingual. In addition to SEPA formats it supports European national formats as well as the different EBICS implementation guidelines issued by the German Banking Industry Committee (Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft), CFONB and SIX.

Automated payments with TRAVIC-Link

Corporate customers must manage their payments traffic with financial institutions in an automated, reliable and secure manner.

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Automated payments for z/OS

TRAVIC-Interbank/Host (TIH) provides a fully automated EBICS-Client for the host platform z/OS.

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Order authorisation with EBICS-Sign

Our solution for the distributed authorisation of payment orders using secure signatures based on EBICS protocols.

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