Payment release with electronic signature

EBICS-Sign is the solution for the distributed authorisation of payment orders using secure signatures based on EBICS protocols.

EBICS-Sign supports

  • the distributed electronic signature for payment orders at the bank
  • the signing of payment orders within the company prior to sending them to the bank (in conjunction with TRAVIC-Link as file transfer system)

EBICS-Sign is an HTML-based application so access is possible from anywhere. An upgrade to a payment transaction portal (TRAVIC-Port) or a mobile solution (EBICS-Mobile) can be easily implemented.

Central web solution TRAVIC-Port

Portals can make payments simpler and more flexible.

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Automated payments with TRAVIC-Link

Corporate customers must manage their payments traffic with financial institutions in an automated, reliable and secure manner.

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Automated payments for z/OS

TRAVIC-Interbank/Host (TIH) provides a fully automated EBICS-Client for the host platform z/OS.

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