EBICS bank system for corporate and interbank payments


In dealing with corporates, financial institutions have to offer comprehensive services. These include standardised access methods, efficient processing of mass data, ongoing availability, individual services such as follow-up processes, inquiries and statistics.

TRAVIC-Corporate meets these requirements. It is a reliable and scalable IT solution for the payments traffic of corporates and data centres, as well as for interbank payments linking to the German Central Bank, STEP2 of EBA Clearing and bilateral file exchanges ("Garagenclearing").

TRAVIC-Corporate is a multi-client bank system for UNIX and host platforms. It supports the pan-European EBICS standard which has been implemented by the German Banking Industry Committee (Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft), the French CFONB and Swiss SIX. Additionally it supports the DFÜ process for data centres and SEPA Card Clearing (SCC) in the German-speaking region.

Should an desaster occur at the corporate client site, TRAVIC-Corporate offers EBICS access via the internet as well as the option to send data files securely to the bank branch.

The architecture of TRAVIC-Corporate enables a "soft" migration from other bank systems during continuous operation. Manufacturers of EBICS client products are welcome to contact PPI AG for EBICS test access.

Corporate customer portal TRAVIC-Port

Small and medium-sized enterprises increasingly want to make payments via the internet.

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Portal components

Major multi-bank capable portals in Germany rely on tried and tested PPI components.

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