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Companies are increasingly focusing on file transfer. As their dependence on a smooth exchange of ever increasing data volumes grows and their demand for efficiency and data security rises, they also require more pragmatic solutions.

PPI AG prides itself having many years of experience in file transfers, particularly in security-sensitive industries such as the financial services sector and time-critical areas such as payments.

PPI products are developed with a particular focus on

  • stability and reliability, for both large volumes and single file sizes
  • cost-efficiency in operational expenditures, via limited staff or hardware conservation
  • security for file transfers,  operation and control

The security of recurring transfers between agreed partners but also of one-off or ad-hoc transfers between unidentified parties is becoming increasingly important, if transfers are to be a reliable alternative to e-mail correspondence. Ad-hoc transfers must be available at short notice, i.e. without involving technical departments or system administrators.

PPI provides the appropriate solution for various scenarios.


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Sales Manager

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