The secure alternative to e-mail, without size limitation


One-off or ad-hoc file transfers between two partners are typical for e-mail usage. E-mail is available to everyone, requires no installation and no set-up rights for a new partner. The IT department does not have to become involved, thereby avoiding long lead times.

Unfortunately, e-mail implies two problems:

  • E-mail systems do not accept large files.
  • Confidentiality and data security are not guaranteed – a major problem in times of increasing compliance and security requirements.

TRAVIC-Link/AdHoc is an operational system which can be installed once, for a single department or for the whole company. New or one-off communications partners can be set up quickly. Access and password can be provided to the partner via e-mail or phone in order to provide secure HTTPS access. No installation is necessary, even for the communications partner. File uploads or downloads take place via secure HTTPS process in the browser.

TRAVIC-Link/AdHoc offers the following benefits:

  • file transfer via HTTPS, visible only to both communication partners
  • encrypted storage, thereby preventing third party access, not even through systems support
  • encrypted transfer to archive database, usage of proprietary PKI possible
  • partner set-up by an administrator or the relevant department
  • new partner set-up and transfer within 5 minutes
  • time limit to set-up easily
  • no file size limit (for technical reasons); data volume limit (for administrative purposes) upon request
  • notification messages to partner via e-mail possible

We recommend TRAVIC-Link for recurring or automated file transfer. 

Automated file transfer with TRAVIC-Link

Automated file transfer within companies or with external partners

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