File transfer within companies or with external partners

Highly automated file transfers both within a company and with external partners require different transfer methods as well as low-resource operations. TRAVIC-Link can be used as a central file transfer gateway or as a distributed system within the company. It can handle more than 1,000 installations with central monitoring and administration.

Performance, capacity, robustness, and conserving resources are central issues. TRAVIC-Link has been designed for such challenges and has proven reliable.

TRAVIC-Link supports native file transfer protocols such as

  • SFTP, FTP, FTP(s)
  • PeSIT-IP

It also supports interfaces of market solutions:

  • C:D (Connect:Direct)
  • rvs
  • CFT
  • SWIFT FileAct via SAA
  • UDM

TRAVIC-Link has been developed for robust usage in data centres: it is horizontally and vertically scalable, simple to administer and monitor. A multitude of recovery and roll-back mechanisms facilitate a mostly unresourced operation.

Preparation and follow-up work can be easily integrated and enable individual or customised integration into existing system environments. The entire process chain can be monitored via JMS messages, e.g. MQSeries. TRAVIC-Link offers different synchronous and batch-based interfaces for file transfer.

TRAVIC-Link is available for operating systems such as AIX, Solaris, Linux and Windows. It supports existing databases DB2 (LUW) or Oracle; alternatively, TRAVIC-Link comes with an open source database (PostgreSQL) free of charge.

TRAVIC-Link supports both general file transfers and special payment standards such as EBICS and SWIFT.

TRAVIC-Link for EBICS Payments

Automated file transfer und EBICS payments in one product.

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Ad-hoc file transfer with TRAVIC-Link/AdHoc

The secure alternative to e-mail, without size limitation.

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