Interbank clearing for financial institutions

Meeting the dynamically growing challenges of interbank payments

The TRAVIC products for interbank clearing address the complete process chain from the connectivity, via the clearing bank, to the customer’s bank.

To achieve this, we make use of the TRAVIC Payment Hub, which is designed to be a central platform for all interbank payments.

Our customers benefit from centralised control options, support of flexible operation models and a high automation of their payments due to low operating costs.

The new service-oriented platform supports both classic batch and near-time processes and a new online processing, such as that made necessary by the introduction of instant payments – and, of course, it offers the 24/7 availability required by instant payments.

The highest level of performance and scalability allows you to offer your customers the best possible cut-off times. This is made possible due to such factors as our task engine, which runs in parallel on several servers with multi-threading. The central workflow control, in conjunction with business and technical services, allows you to imple-ment your payment processes individually.

Modern concepts such as an event-recording mechanism support you in implementing customer in-formation in real time, as well as in operating a cockpit to control all your payments.

Naturally, the Payment Hub is multi-client capable and supports central service functions offered by the operator. It also follows end-to-end dual or triple checking, uses the log4j2 protocol for flexible integration in your monitoring system and can be incorporated into your authorisation system by means of LDAP and single sign-on.


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Clearing bank for individual euro payments

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EBICS solution for interbank mass payments and instant payments on the Unix/Linux platform.

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