Interbank mass payments and instant payments via EBICS without platform change directly from the host

TRAVIC-Interbank/Host is a fully automated EBICS solution for linking to the SEPA clearer of the German Central Bank, EBA CLEARING STEP2 or bilateral clearing (“garage clearing”). TRAVIC-Interbank/Host integrates well into existing system environments and has an extremely high degree of automation in terms of re-start, monitoring and initiation of follow-up processing.

To ensure smooth integration, TRAVIC-Interbank/Host supports RACF authorisation and is able to link to external cryptographic modules.

As an Advanced IBM Partner with a proprietary hosting infrastructure, PPI AG provides outstanding excellence in product development and maintenance, integration and consulting services for your production and application support.

TRAVIC-Interbank/Host will be enhanced for instant payments until 2017. Instant payment messaging will then be possible directly from the Host via EBICS. The internal bank systems can be connected via MQ or HTTP.

Clearing bank for individual euro payments

The PPI clearing bank for individual euro payments is based on the new TRAVIC-Payment Hub and offers you a connection to TARGET2 as well as all euro correspondents via the SWIFT network.

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EBICS gateway for mass payments

EBICS solution for interbank mass payments and instant payments on the Unix/Linux platform.

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