TRAVIC-Payment Hub: clearing bank for individual euro payments

Convenient and future-proof handling of large-value payments, urgent payments and euro payments even outside the eurozone


Financial institutes are faced with the challenge of comprehensively harmonising the exchange of information among various market participants. After mass payments and TARGET2 Securities, the migration of TARGET2 and EBA Euro1 to the ISO20022 standard.

The PPI clearing bank for individual euro payments is based on the new TRAVIC-Payment Hub and offers you a connection to TARGET2 as well as all euro correspondents via the SWIFT network.

The clearing bank is conceived as a hub offering uniform processes for payments from all possible channels (customers’ own banks, clearing systems or correspondents) without needing to distinguish between arrival, dispatch and forwarding of a payment. Furthermore, the clearing bank approach allows the payment processes, responsibilities and rights management to be clearly separated – including across organisational units or participating service providers.

The clearing bank approach is based on the ISO20022 format and is thus optimally prepared for the challenges of the TARGET2 MX migration.

The application’s focus is based on a high STP throughput rate.

  • Automatic receipt allocation ACK/NAK, MT012/MT019
  • Support for notification matching including a late payment service
  • TARGET2 and FIN return processing
  • Bridge to the SEPA mass payment system
    • Acceptance of urgent orders from the SEPA clearing bank
    • Submission of SEPA-capable orders to the SEPA clearing bank
  • Comprehensive conditions for correspondents
    • Products
    • Fees
    • Invoicing modalities (billing, invoicing individually or collectively)
    • Cut-off & currencies
    • Notification
  • Central routing control
  • Banks embargo

Also, intuitively operable exception handling – such as correction, account assignment or options to intervene manually in automatic processes such as matching, scheduling or dispatching – is part of the product’s scope.

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