Conveniently signing EBICS orders with mobile app

EBICS-Mobile is designed for mobile corporate customers who want to release payment orders while off-site. The app is compatible with iOS and Android and is multi-bank capable via the EBICS protocol. EBICS-Mobile App enables you to

  • sign or cancel payment orders submitted to the bank
  • receive notifications about
    • a payment order submitted for authorisation
    • a fully authorised payment order (also if several signatures are required)
    • a cancelled payment order (cancelled by colleagues)
  • record and submit payment orders via the QR code (available soon)

EBICS-Mobile is a complete solution consisting of application and gateway servers as well as an optional push server. The gateway server covers control, security and administrative functions. The push server sends push messages to the mobile apps of the bank system (individual or broadcasts to groups). TRAVIC-Corporate offers the push server as a plug-and-play solution.

Push Services for mobile apps

Push messages – rather than SMS – save cost with increased security.

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