Software modules

Make or buy? PPI enables both!

PPI AG provides software modules (APIs, kernel etc.) for the following application areas:

  • EBICS-, FinTS-, HBCI-Kernel for integration with clients and portals
    Specifications of the individual standards are encapsulated. Application development is uncoupled from the maintenance and updating of standards.
  • Parsers, generators, and converters for bank-specific  payment formats in Europe and partly worldwide
    PPI products focus on high-performing and efficient payments processing, including large volume mass payments. Almost all PPI products are based on streaming which enables us to process data files of unlimited size while keeping memory consumption low on a continuous basis.
  • Web services for EBICS transactions and user administration for use in portals
    EBICS transactions can be easily integrated into existing portals via web services. This makes them multi-bank capable.
  • Components supporting secure communication and electronic signatures
    This is where the benefits of TRAVIC-Sign and TRAVIC-Security can be leveraged. When used in traditional HTML applications these components facilitate secure authorisation and authentication.
  • Special APIs, tools or products for developing mobile apps or integrated mobile solutions for payments or push processes
  • Tools for the SEPA migration and the post-SEPA environment


Hermann F├╝rstenau

Dr. Hermann F├╝rstenau

Sales Manager

+49 40 227433-1371



EBICS and HBCI/FinTS protocols of the German and European banking industry enable financial institutions and data centres to provide uniform, fast and secure services for online banking and electronic payments.

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Parsers, generators and converters

PPI offers parsers, generators and converters for close to 100 payment formats and format versions from around the world.

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Signatures for portals with TRAVIC-Sign

Chip cards, TAN generators or secoder represent current state-of-the-art of security procedures.

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Web Services for EBICS portals

Integrating EBICS into portals is simple.

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