Bank specifications as finished components


EBICS and HBCI/FinTS protocols of the German and European banking industry enable financial institutions and data centres to provide uniform, fast and secure services for online banking and electronic payments.

When developing client products it is useful to integrate a communications module into the product. TRAVIC kernels are perfect for this purpose as home banking and payment applications do not have to deal with the standard protocol and its syntax as well as security procedures.

The following TRAVIC kernels are available for developing client systems:

  • EBICS-Kernel as Java API supporting EBICS 2.4 and 2.5
  • EBICS-Kernel with C/C++-interface supporting EBICS 2.4 and 2.5
  • Banking-Kernel as Java API supporting HBCI 2.2 and FinTS 3.0 (including PIN/TAN-two-step procedure)
  • Banking-Kernel as C/C++ interface supporting HBCI 2.2 and FinTS 3.0 (including PIN/TAN-two-step procedure)
  • FinTS-API mobile as Java API for Android (or native format) supporting FinTS 3.0
  • FinTS-API mobile for I/OS supporting FinTS 3.0
  • FinTS-API mobile C# for Windows 7 supporting FinTS 3.0

Parsers, generators and converters

PPI offers parsers, generators and converters for close to 100 payment formats and format versions from around the world.

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Signatures for portals with TRAVIC-Sign

Chip cards, TAN generators or secoder represent current state-of-the-art of security procedures.

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Web Services for EBICS portals

Integrating EBICS into portals is simple.

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