Web Services for EBICS portals

Integrating EBICS into portals is simple

Payment portals at companies, service providers or financial institutions should support transactions with all types of financial institutions. In addition to offering a complete TRAVIC-Port solution, PPI AG also offers components for creating an internal portal or integrating into existing portals. These components can easily be integrated as web services; they support the entire payments process via EBICS:

  • secure login via chip card or hardware token
  • recording, signing and transmitting of payment orders
  • uploads of payment files
  • downloads of account information
  • user management

Using PPI components ensures that the standards of the German Banking Industry Committee (Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft) are regularly updated and that interoperability with banking systems in the German banking industry is ensured.

This allows your developers to concentrate on their core responsibilities. 


EBICS and HBCI/FinTS protocols of the German and European banking industry enable financial institutions and data centres to provide uniform, fast and secure services for online banking and electronic payments.

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Parsers, generators and converters

PPI offers parsers, generators and converters for close to 100 payment formats and format versions from around the world.

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Signatures for portals with TRAVIC-Sign

Chip cards, TAN generators or secoder represent current state-of-the-art of security procedures.

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