Universal Data Modelling Generator

Change log

Version 4.0.0 from 04-04-2016

New system requirements:

  • Java 1.8 64 Bit
  • Xtext feature version 2.9.1
  • Eclipse version 4.5.1 (Mars.1) or version 4.5.2 (Mars.2)

New features:

  • New semantic editor
  • Function-based indizes for DB2
  • Index compression for DB2 and MS SQL
  • Different definitions of the structure for Word documentations can be used.
  • A project-specific entry point at a topmost model level was created.
  • The loop method for modules in the Word documentation was made overwritable.
  • All overwritable methods of the user documentation were moved into the project-specific HtmlDocumentationGeneratorMethods.
  • Defining column-orientated tables for DB2 and MS SQL
  • Defining different compression types for tables for DB2, MS SQL and Oracle
  • The width of table columns in the Word documentation can be configured now.
  • The tool tips show the entire list valid by inheritance of attributes/relations.
  • The clause WITH GRANT OPTION can be configured now

Bug fixes:

  • All project-specific additions on java doc are shown for the public api.
  • Exception in the generator if 0 is configured as a maximum line length of the output.
  • Migration for MS SQL for attributes with NOT NULL clause changed
  • Different null pointer exceptions are fixed.
  • DB2 LUW creates tablespace error: fixed for migration
  • Files configured with empty names should not be created at migration.
  • All available files with migration commands are overwritten, even if they don't contain any SQL in the new migration.

Version 3.3.0 from 17-04-2015

New features:

  • Now it is possible to use for Oracle with a table Compression (in different steps).
  • New data type DOUBLE for DB2 z/OS.
  • New data types NCHAR, NVARCHAR und NCLOB for DB2.
  • New parameter DSSIZE for DB2 z/OS Tablespaces.
  • Extendet migration. DROP COLUMN for DB2 z/OS.
  • The name conventions have been extended by place holder for additional tables.


  • Index out of bound exception by use of additional tables repaired.
  • Grants for sequences are not generated any more, if sequence generating is put down in the configuration.

Version 3.2.1 from 10-6-2014

  • Fixed bug: added missing constraints for PostgreSQL to migration DDL
  • Fixed bug: eliminated cast exception for LOB attributes
  • Fixed bug: changed order of the DDL statements in the migration
  • Fixed bug: changed formatting of the DDL