Enhancing potential and surmounting challenges

Payments in Europe are undergoing a structural upheaval. The main drivers are regulations such as SEPA and PSD2, legal stipulations such as the basic account, but also new products such as Instant Payments or the consequences of digitisation.

In February 2016 the transitional specifications of the SEPA regulation expired and the standard is now mandatory for all payments in the European region. However, this does not mean that we can relax after more than 10 years of intensive conversion and implementation. The development of payments remains very dynamic, and a revised SEPA regulation is already looming on the horizon.

Parallel to the regulation, technology is also developing at a rapid rate. Parallel to the technological developments, more and more players are entering the market who want to benefit from these changes. Even though many of these focus on the blockchain, it did not make its predicted breakthrough in 2016. However, it is evident that the solutions have become better in quality, and more and more application areas are being tried out. These include the first live prototypes for remittance transactions, large sum payments between banks and P2P micro payments. We believe that these and other developments will continue until at least 2025 and give rise to a variety of strategic questions.

Reacting to these demands will present major challenges for the projects being worked on. A study we recently conducted showed that in the coming one to three years, personnel expenses for project work are expected to amount to a billion euro across all financial institutions.

But that is not all. While a lot of work is being done to ensure that the required interfaces of the PSD2 and at least a national standard for this are in place, a revision of the current regulation is already planned. So it is already clear that PSD3 will be here in 2021.

Another topic that is playing a major role due to its disruptive potential is instant payments. Its significance is such that it can have far-reaching effects, down to the systems for card payments.


In PPI you will find one of the premier partners for these fields. We have at our disposal an international team of over 50 consultants with vast experience in all aspects of payments.

  • Cash
  • Remittances
  • Cards
  • Classic payments
  • New payment methods such as mobile payments or e-payments
  • Electronic banking
  • Cash management
  • Clearing and interbank business
  • Documentary business
  • Strategic orientation in payments and card transactions
  • Innovation management
  • Market and feasibility studies
  • Organisation development and operational excellence
  • Sourcing
  • Implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Business and IT concepts
  • Requirements management
  • IT design and implementation
  • Implementation of standards such as EBICS, XML and CGI
  • System integration and migration
  • Test management
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance
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Head of Consulting Payments

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