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Next Generation Payments

We shed light on the darkness

Have you ever heard of bots or API banking? You may be more familiar with blockchain or Apple Pay.

Rapid changes are resulting in new trends, technologies, procedures and market participants, which are generating added value for your customers and are set to make classic banking superfluous.

Will this fundamentally change how payments are made in the future, what role will be played by changes to regulations, and what will be the effect of the altered customer needs?

What will the advancement in artificial intelligence mean for future interaction and data usage? What does the Internet of Things have to do with payments, and can blockchain technology make good on its promises?

Mobile payment is expected to revolutionise payments in stationary retail. We are still waiting for market-ready solutions. Will Apple Pay make the breakthrough, and what will be the effect of the introduction of instant payments?

According to our calculations, financial institutions in Germany will have to invest around a billion euro in personnel project costs alone in the payments sector for the current developments up to 2018. (You can read the article on the calculation here.)

Are you also wondering how you will manage to keep an overview of what the changes mean, how relevant things will be for your company, and when, and how you should position yourself?

Talk to us. We’ll help you shed light on the darkness. We’ll guide you through the changes, enabling you to form your own opinion. We’ll work with you in identifying possible effects and opportunities. We’ll perform impact analyses for you and accompany you as you make arrangements for your company.

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