Software Development

Software development by PPI – for you and at your premises

PPI develops software tailored to your particular needs. Our software factory is an ideal place for this kind of work.

Or would you prefer we come to your place? No problem.

Software development for you

You're facing a challenge which requires a software solution? PPI is there to help you.

You have outlined a project or have even defined the details and are now searching for a reliable partner to handle the realisation? Search no more, PPI's software factory is the partner you're looking for.

We shoulder responsibility for your project and ensure on-schedule completion. We guarantee excellent quality at a fixed price. Tailor-made.

On-site software development

Are you in the midst of developing your own solution and find that you might need some assistance? PPI is there to help you.

Have you come across insurmountable difficulties or impossible deadlines somewhere between your very first ideas and the perfect solution? At every stage of a software development process, PPI's experts can step in and provide assistance.

For software development projects, we provide all kinds of customer support, including:

  • project management
  • requirements analysis
  • conception
  • realisation
  • quality assurance
  • integration, rollout and start of production
  • production process
  • support
  • further development
  • replacement of legacy systems and data migration


Axel Duncker


Axel Duncker

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Matthias Müller


Matthias Müller
Sales Director

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