In the cards? The trend to cashless payments

Every year in Germany about 22 billion cashless transactions are executed and that number is increasing rapidly. Even nanopayments, which in the past had been settled with cash, are now being paid with card. The relevance of card-based payments for the economy and consumers can hardly be exaggerated.

The trend towards cashless transactions continues. At the same time, the topic is subject to major changes. The mostly completed implementation of the PSD2, as well as the guidelines derived from it, continues to have an impact on the systems and processes in the card business. With the added regulatory changes related to instant payments, financial institutions have to consider many different aspects.

We help you keep up with all developments and overcome the challenges – without losing sight of the costs.


New ways for card-based payments

The PSD2 is not the only challenge for the card business. Innovations in the course of the digitisation, such as mobile payments or the Internet of things, have a significant impact on the payments of the future. That is why now the right time for a new way of thinking is.

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