Regulatory requirements

Much change and new rules with the PSD2

The payments sector is one of the so-called critical infrastructures. Therefore, payments have to be secured and maintained according to special criteria and regulations. The need for adaptations caused by the PSD2 also affects card-based payments.

Great adaptations have to be made to the entire payments sector thanks to the PSD2. Card-based payments are not excluded from this. From a restructuration of internal processes or the provider selection to the mobile payment organisation, many aspects need to be reconsidered and redesigned.

The consolidation of the market continues unbridled. Scale economies can emerge only if post-merger integration processes are optimised and integrated into the business strategy. Apart from the management of payments an overall smooth operation has to be ensured. The payments sector is one of the critical infrastructures. The respective payment providers are obligated to protect these critical infrastructures according to special criteria.

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