New parameters in cross-border payments

Meeting the challenges of digital transformation

The payments sector has been going through changes for years, and now cross-border payments are the subject of major changes as well. They have been driven by new regulations and modern technologies. In our white paper on cross-border payments we look at all relevant topics and outline possible scenarios.

To implement the parameters that will be valid for cross-border payments in the future, a number of topics of the whole payments sector need to be taken into account. Here, considered timely action is required – not least because with the MX migration, realised at the latest by November 2021, further standards for the system and process landscape have to be fulfilled.

PPI has analysed the extensive challenges that cross-border payments face related to the digital transformation and published a white paper on the matter, which is available to you for download. In our white paper we have already illustrated some aspects for which we would like to present you with detailed proposals and suggestions.

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Relevant regulations and standards

  • Conversion from TARGET2 to the XML standard
  • Introduction of instant payments
  • Integrated collateral management with ECMS
  • Security of bulk payments systems
  • Technological development

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