EBICS payments for companies with large volumes

Corporate customers must manage their payments traffic with financial institutions in an automated, reliable and – most importantly – secure manner. In particular, companies with high payment volumes or time-critical transactions require fully automated and completely reliable solutions. TRAVIC-Link is the perfect solution for them.

TRAVIC-Link is a fully-automated client system for electronic banking which supports all versions of the EBICS standard:

  • For German financial institutions (based on DFÜ for remote data transfer with clients and DFÜ for data centres)
  • For French financial institutions (based on CFONB implementation guidelines with authorisation procedures T and TS)
  • For Swiss financial institutions (based on SIX guidelines)
  • For Portuguese institutions
  • For interbank payment transactions with Deutsche Bundesbank and EBA Clearing or bilateral file exchanges (“garage clearing”) for financial institutions

Automated customer protocols (PTK, PSR), comprehensive follow-up processing options, integration of custom scripts, and interfaces for controlling or monitoring enable perfect integration into existing infrastructures for fully automatic operation.

Together with EBICS-Sign or EBICS-Mobile, for example, revision requirements after an internal authorisation or problems with critical cut-off times can be dealt with:

  • Distributed electronic signature based on EBICS (authorisation takes place post-transfer at the bank )
  • Distributed signature within the company (payment leaves the company only fully authorised)
  • EBICS distributed electronic signature or electronic signature within the company via mobile app

The extension to a strategic gateway for the entire internal and external company file transfer is easily done. A wide range of additional communication protocols are available for this.