Payments for companies using a host infrastructure

TRAVIC-Interbank/Host provides a fully automated EBICS-Client for the host platform z/OS. Companies whose core systems run under z/OS should avoid transferring their payment files to the bank on decentralised platforms. TRAVIC-Interbank/Host enables direct transfer to all financial institutions. Costly platform crashes are avoided and critical cut-off times are met.

TRAVIC-Interbank/Host integrates well into existing system environments and has an extremely high degree of automation in terms of restart, monitoring and initiation of follow-up processing.

As an Advanced IBM Partner with a proprietary hosting infrastructure, PPI AG provides outstanding excellence in product development and maintenance, integration and consulting services for your production and application support.

Through its client-server combination, TRAVIC-Interbank/Host also handles electronic mass payments for financial institutions in the interbank payments market.


Bernhard Walter


Bernhard Walter
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