EBICS payments for financial institutions

Electronic banking and interbank payments: dealing with growing requirements, cost pressure and increasing volumes

For financial institutions, the increasing load on payment systems and the greater requirements for compliance and reliability present challenges that must be mastered with the conversion to SEPA and beyond.

For these requirements, PPI has developed the payments and file transfer components of the TRAVIC product family: TRAVIC-Corporate and TRAVIC-Port for electronic banking with companies and TRAVIC-Interbank and TRAVIC-Interbank/Host for electronic mass payments and instant payments with clearing houses and other financial institutions.

TRAVIC enables cost-efficient electronic banking, automated mass payments and fast file transfers based on the European EBICS standard. Along with SEPA, special national features of the European payments area are also supported (e.g. the RDT specification of the Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (German Banking Industry Committee, DK), the implementation guidelines of the French CFONB and the Swiss SIX), as well as many national payment formats from all over the world.

In offering TRAVIC products we emphasize high quality, simple and fast implementation and best-in-class service during operation. We reliably master complex production environments. In the future, electronic mass payments will be processed more cost-efficiently via EBICS. In addition to SWIFT, EBICS represents a second channel as backup solution for reliable processing of mass payments. The Deutsche Bundesbank and EBA Clearing have prepared implementation guidelines for EBICS and set up the required access channels. EBA Clearing also offers access for the clearing of instant payments via EBICS.

PPI's portfolio of TRAVIC-Corporate, TRAVIC-Link and TRAVIC-Interbank/Host solutions provides financial institutions and data centres with secure mass payments processing. As the Deutsche Bundesbank and EBA Clearing already use these services, interoperability and rapid integration into operation are guaranteed.

Along with mass payments via BBk and EBA Clearing, further potential savings can be targeted in direct bilateral exchange (“garage clearing”).

In addition to the Unix/Linux-based solutions, TRAVIC-Interbank/Host is a highly automated solution for z/OS. As a parallel to existing SWIFT systems, it simplifies operations for host users.

Bernhard Walter


Bernhard Walter
Head of Sales for Payments Products

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