EBICS-Produkte der PPI AG

EBICS Bank Server

Perfection in the corporate customer business and electronic bulk payments

Financial institutions have to offer their corporate customers a secure, reliable communication channel via which they can execute their daily payments, handle cash management and exchange bank-technical documents. The European protocol standard EBICS for the communication between companies and financial institutions requires an EBICS server, which defines order types or the more recent unified business transactions.

The following criteria should be considered when selecting an EBICS server:

  • Seamless connection of the solution into the IT infrastructure
  • Stable and fail-safe 24/7/365 operation, professional support and guaranteed long-term maintenance
  • EBICS customer contract that covers the customer, dialogue user, accounts, order types, limits and takes into account the individual access rights
  • Complete support of specified EBICS security and the corresponding signature procedures
  • Compliance with standards by the DK, SIX, Stuzza, EPC, ISO for the use of EBICS
  • Individually configurable  expandability for further order types and formats
  • Support of very large data volumes with optimal transmission times
  • Introduction, training and configuration by the manufacturer, implementation into your own operation


Michael Lembcke


Michael Lembcke
Leading Product-Manager

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Jeannine Ster


Jeannine Ster
Sales Manager for Payments Products

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