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EBICS client automation

Automating processes in the corporate customer business

Corporate customers do not want their comprehensive daily payments to be executed manually by their employees, instead they should be automated as far as possible. Often the last piece for the communication between corporate customers and financial institutions is missing. There is, however, no question on one thing: each financial institution must be connected the same way. An EBICS client can help with that.

The following criteria should be considered when selecting a solution for the EBICS client automation:

  • Operation in favoured system environment
  • Configuration of name patterns for the identification of order files
  • Configuration of a routing to the financial institution corresponding to the pattern identification
  • Support of the EBICS protocol, including respective key management
  • Support of other file transfer protocols
  • Monitoring of transfers, automated restart, alerting, error output
  • Pre- and post-processing per transfer
  • Possibility for integration of individual programmes
  • Central, network-compatible configuration of rules and master data
  • Stabile, fail-safe 24/7/365 operation, professional maintenance and support


Michael Lembcke


Michael Lembcke
Leading Product-Manager

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Jeannine Ster


Jeannine Ster
Sales Manager for Payments Products

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