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In times of increasing mobility in online banking and with the rise of cyber criminality, the focus is returning to the classic HBCI/FinTS protocol. The high level of security provided by the cryptographic procedure is impressive, as is the standardised access to banking transactions for nearly all institutions via the FinTS interface of the bank.

For a while now, the FinTS bank servers have seen very big increases in customer and transaction numbers, thus attracting the attention of the financial institutions once again.

For years, PPI has been one of the pioneers of HBCI/FinTS, providing reliable and flexibly integratable FinTS bank servers. Special features include complete online capability and the scalability and capacity for high loads of the PPI systems.

We also offer components and integration solutions

  • For setting up portals
  • For integrating the transaction business into the existing website
  • For integrating smartcard security into Internet banking, e.g.
    • Advanced signature
    • Secoder
    • TAN generator procedure

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Bernhard Walter


Bernhard Walter
Head of Sales for Payment Products

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