Components for internet banking

Components for setting up your own internet banking

TRAVIC-Sign, the FinTS-Kernel mobile and the PPI format parsers are tried and tested components for setting up your own Internet banking (multibank-capable via FinTS if you want). Many banks and financial institutions choose the practical PPI components, which provide:

  • Robustness and stability
  • Simple integration
  • Standardisation and interoperability
  • Best-in-class service and near-time upgrades

The PPI components perform the processing of the specific payment formats for you, as well as the handling of the complex EBICS and FinTS standards.

TRAVIC-Sign provides signature procedures for EBICS, FinTS and the Secoder. TRAVIC-Sign also provides the option to load certificates securely from the Trust Center to the card – on a single process downstream from the card production.

FinTS-Kernel mobile provides the HBCI and FinTS procedures with a range of specified business transactions for your portal or your mobile app. Integration is easy. The application developers can ignore the technical properties of the standards and concentrate on the business functionality.

A wide range of format parsers are provided for German, European and international payment formats. Our parsers are distinguished by their easy integration, adjustable checking depth and a streaming technology that conserves resources, and they enable you to process files of almost any size.

Bernhard Walter


Bernhard Walter
Head of Sales for Payment Products

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