Interbank clearing for financial institutions

Meeting the dynamically growing challenges of interbank payments

The TRAVIC products for interbank clearing address the entire process chain from interbank gateway to payment platform with interfaces to the core bank and customer systems.

With TRAVIC-Payment Hub, PPI offers a completely new, technologically unique hybrid platform where banks can set up all of their interbank payments.

Our customers benefit from central components and control options for all payment procedures, the support of flexible operator models, a high level of automation for their payments and low operating costs.

By hybrid platform we mean that payment procedures that are technically completely different are supported in parallel on one platform. TRAVIC-Payment Hub provides components for near-time payments, as required in complex large-sum and foreign payments, as well as a component for online clearing processes such as SEPA Instant Payments. Instant payments place completely new demands on the processing systems of banks. The critical factors are the simultaneous processing of many single payments, which make fast, stable online processing mandatory, and permanent availability (24/7/365), which also requires release upgrades without downtimes.

Furthermore, banks are also having to fulfil growing requirements in foreign payments with regard to costs, transparency and processing speed. The step-by-step introduction of the ISO XML formats in international individual payments as well is therefore the right time for banks to do a critical check of their systems’ future sustainability.

Payment processes and core bank applications continue to be very individual. Therefore TRAVIC-Payment Hub is based on a workflow control which, in combination with configurable business services and the PPI provider concepts, enables optimum integration into your existing landscape.

Modern concepts such as an eventing mechanism support you in implementing customer information in real time and in operating a cockpit for controlling all of your payments.

Any number of interbank gateways for the networks used can be connected to TRAVIC-Payment Hub. With TRAVIC-Interbank, PPI offers a separate EBICS-based gateway for SEPA instant payments, EBA-STEP2, German Central Bank SCL and bilateral clearing.


Bernhard Walter


Bernhard Walter
Head of Sales for Payment Products

+49 40 227433-1731