EBICS solution for interbank mass payments and instant payments on Unix/Linux and z/OS platforms

The TRAVIC-Interbank solution is intended for the bilateral exchange of mass payments between institutions (“garage clearing”), the connection of Deutsche Bundesbank’s SEPA-Clearer or EBA Clearing’s STEP2 platform via EBICS.

For cost reasons, banks may want to switch from SWIFT to EBICS. From a risk point of view, additional EBICS access as a backup for the SWIFT access is definitely recommended. Whatever strategy you opt for, reliability and stability with large data volumes, scalability and cost efficiency are critical. This is why TRAVIC-Interbank offers the following:

  • Fast go-live
  • Maximum stability and system availability
  • Minimal application maintenance effort
  • Long-term life cycle

Most European mass payments are processed via the PPI platform. Houses such as the Deutsche Bundesbank and EBA Clearing place their trust in PPI.

TRAVIC-Interbank is additionally able to provide the access for instant payments to EBA. The internal bank systems can be connected via MQ or HTTP(S). For z/OS, TRAVIC-Interbank/Host is also a native variant available for this platform.

Bernhard Walter


Bernhard Walter
Head of Sales for Payment Products

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