TRAVIC-Payment Hub for instant payments

We will speed up your payments - SEPA instant payments in 40 msec

Instant payments (IP) – “the new normal” – is revolutionising European payments:

  • Instant availability of incoming credits on the customer account
  • High transaction volumes (x % of the current mass payments volume)
  • Interruption-free 24x365 operation (even during release upgrades
  • Pan-European reach (connection to EBA clearing, TIPS, correspondents)
  • Agnostics relating to initiation & clearing

Instant payments makes completely new demands on the processing systems of the banks. A critical factor is the simultaneous processing of many single payments with a fixed upper time limit for each individual payment. Therefore, fast, stable online processing is a mandatory prerequisite for instant payments. With TRAVIC-Payment Hub, PPI offers a state-of-the-art, flexible platform for payments that is optimised for the processing of instant payments.

TRAVIC-Payment Hub processes instant payment transactions within 40 msec. These times are achieved even with heavy loads and limited hardware deployment. These excellent system properties are made possible by new architecture approaches that avoid the accumulation of payments due to delayed responses from internal systems, correspondents or heavy loads. The behaviour under a heavy load is key. If a payment cannot be processed in time due to a delayed response, this must not have a negative effect on the other transactions. Therefore, PPI measured exactly these scenarios in comprehensive tests and optimised the application for them.

Along with the high non-functional requirements, the functional requirements are also key. Because at present, most posting systems are not online-capable. This means balance disposal checking and the availability of liquidity in just a few seconds for the integration. TRAVIC-Payment Hub supports you via flexible workflows, customisable interfaces and the buffering of information for slower periphery systems. The optional liquidity module, for example, enables amounts available for instant payments to be included in the posting system without online access. If an embargo system for cross-border payments cannot be accessed online, TPH can create blacklists for you and set up compliance for this type of payment.

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