Next generation payments

The future of transactions: next generation payments

In the age of digitisation something that has permanently been changing is the information, communication and consumer behaviour of your customers. They experience much closer networks and operate, for the most part, digitally. Set the course for the future. With strategically calculated solutions that reflect the key aspects of the digitisation for payments.

Technological advancements, changed customer needs and evolving competitive and supplier situations lead to far-reaching changes for the payments sector. Mega trends like e-commerce, sharing economy, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things or the “war on cash” are based on automation and independent networking. They change the relationship between customers and service providers as well as the fundamental understanding of payments.

Digital, mobile – and of course instant

The growing use of e-commerce leads to incrementing transaction numbers and volumes as well as higher needs for security. At the same time, new market players, new standards and a stronger regulation add to the complexity. Addressing this development requires sustainable products and technologies that are fast, flexible and scalable.

With the consulting team of PPI you gain an experienced partner who helps you meet these challenges and prepare for next generation payments.

New customer interfaces

New technologies open up new vistas

Over time customer interfaces have become more and more diverse. The further development of the software and devices not only creates new ways for triggering and processing payments. Instead the new interfaces open exciting new options for the customer communication as well.

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Intelligent processes

The digitisation of payment processes

Intelligent digital processes are rapidly gaining importance for the future payments sector. They take care of the communication with the customer, protect the customers from fraud and abuse, accelerate processes, analyse customer behaviour, present you with alternatives, develop and even sell products.

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What is behind this new technology?

The blockchain technology has long since become an important part of complex IT architectures. It helps to slim down the infrastructure and speeds up processes in a cost-efficient and secure way.

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Study: Internet of Payments (IoP)

M2M payments are coming – it's high time to prepare

Machine-to-machine payments are one of the most pressing future topics for financial service providers. In the study "Internet of Payments", PPI AG has analysed challenges, opportunities and risks of this new type of payments from the perspective of payment service providers. This is the first Europe-wide detailed study on the subject of payments in the Internet of Things.

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Whitepaper: “The future of payments”

The Internet of Things needs new payment solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly important, enabling revolutionary, novel business models. This also means that the entire payment process must be automated and adapted to new IoT business models. Efficient, automated and real-time payment methods are necessary to realise these business models economically. The whitepaper "The future of payments: programmable payments in the IoT sector" gives an overview of possible procedures.

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