Intelligent processes

The digitisation of payment processes

Intelligent digital processes are rapidly gaining importance for the future payments sector. They take care of the communication with the customer, protect the customers from fraud and abuse, accelerate processes, analyse customer behaviour, present you with alternatives, develop and even sell products.

Already today, increased regulation, changes to the banking structure and faster processes result in a decrease of manual actions in the payments sector. Block chain, artificial intelligence (IA) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are the key words that will accompany the almost complete digitisation of payment processes in the coming years.

For this, intelligently set up processes offer a vast range of application scenarios to take the load off employees, processes and structures. Robotic Process Automation is especially well-suited for recurring tasks such as the authentication and authorisation, the processing or compliance tasks. Virtual assistants based on the models of Amazon or Google as successors of the present chat bots, on the other hand, will even be able to handle the customer service.

The block chain, for example, might play an important role when used as a common unchangeable log of transaction processes. This technology supports the documentation of new product creations and business transactions and provides greater transparency for the conclusion of contracts, digital values, payments or for the use of smart contracts. 

The team of PPI supports you in the organisation of pilot projects to help you understand and test new technologies, the simulation of scenarios and the development of secure long-term business strategies.


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