Study: Internet of Payments (IoP)

M2M payments are coming – it's high time to prepare

Machine-to-machine payments are one of the most pressing future topics for financial service providers. In the study "Internet of Payments", PPI AG has analysed challenges, opportunities and risks of this new type of payments from the perspective of payment service providers. This is the first Europe-wide detailed study on the subject of payments in the Internet of Things.


75 billion devices could be digitally interconnected by 2025. For the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop its potential, direct transactions between machines without any human intervention are a mandatory requirement. This means that the European payments market is about to undergo a major upheaval. Financial service providers must prepare themselves now if they want to play an active role in this future market.

The "Internet of Payments" study provides an overview of the possible dimensions of M2M payments and shows the areas in which payment service providers must now become active. The clock is ticking!

Key findings of the "Internet of Payments" study summarised:

The groundwork for the future of payments is being laid now, not years from now!


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