Payments as a service

Payments as a service helps to focus on the core business

PPI AG offers financial institutions a regulatory, professional and technically secure operation of the payments landscape, both in a complete and in a partial manner. Payments as a service (PaaS) gives financial institutions more time for product development and customer care. From access channels to core processing and interbank communication, PPI AG covers the entire payments process. The technical operation is rounded off by managed services, which, for example, take over business process outsourcing.

Master high requirements easily

In today's market, financial institutions must be in a position to adapt their products and thus their IT landscape to changing conditions much more quickly and frequently than ever before. Whether the reason is regulatory measures or new customer requirements; the applications are always affected and subject to constant change.
Due to the many modifications in a short period of time, cost-efficient operation of the IT is often in the foreground. As a result, the resources that are actually necessary to take care of the bank's core business are lacking.
The remedy is a strategically planned and consistently implemented payments outsourcing with the right partner. The latter's expertise in areas such as IT security, regulation, business aspects and technology is crucial for the desired success – the refocusing on the actual daily business of the institute: customer service.


Hybrid cloud solution

Payments as a service by PPI AG was developed with precisely this in mind. PaaS is a cloud-hosted payments solution which, thanks to a hybrid platform, realises the necessary economies of scale and still enables the bank's individuality in the correspondence business. In addition to the core payments platform, the entire payments process can be mapped; from various access channels such as EBICS, web portal or XS2A, to core processing and connection to interbank payments. Around the core payments platform, the service provides AML and sanctions screening, intelligent reconciliation, transaction monitoring and exception management. Managed services, which include regulatory and security issues as well as business process outsourcing, complement the payments outsourcing platform.

Outsourcing in payments with these services:

  • EBICS as a service (EBICSaaS): unification of all previous EBICS variants in Europe
  • Messaging as a service (MaaS): connection to interbank payments on the basis of the EBICS protocol
  • Request to Pay as a service (RTPaaS): highest levels of automation in European payments

Success Story Payments-as-a-Service

Payments as a service completes PPI's payments offering

PPI AG has expanded its range by an essential service and now also offers the operation of its applications in addition to software and consulting services for payments. The payments as a service (PaaS) model is the next step towards becoming an all-round service provider in the European payments business. Hamburg Commercial Bank (HCOB) is the first customer to use this new PPI service to transform their payments platform.

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