Success story EBA Request to Pay survey

Joint survey on new RTP payment standard available

The procedure Request to Pay is ready to start from a technical point of view. The first products will be available as early as mid-2021, so that businesses and individuals will be able to use the upstream payment request. A joint investigation by the Euro Banking Association (EBA) and PPI AG reflects the views of European financial players on the new payment method. The survey highlights expected benefits but also open questions. The focus is on sales, online trading, payment transactions and e-billing.

EBA Request to Pay survey:

Find out more about this survey directly on the EBA website.

Highlight presentation

Goals of the customer

  • Determining the level of knowledge of Request to Pay (RTP) at European companies
  • Identifying RTP fields of application by means of use case studies
  • Getting to know companies’ views on RTP use cases
  • Getting to know companies' plans for RTP
  • Identifying the prerequisites and open questions for the success of RTP


  • Europe-wide survey of corporate customers by means of a structured questionnaire
  • Evaluation of the answers and formation of result clusters
  • Evaluation and publication of the survey results


"The European survey reflects a clear opinion on the RTP process. The highlight presentation shows that corporates are very pleased with the process, what services they expect and what benefits they see for themselves.”

Thomas Egner, Secretary General, Euro Banking Association

PPI services

  • Contributions on technical and business contexts and applications for RTP users
  • Participation in the conception of the questionnaire
  • Preparation and follow-up of the interviews
  • Evaluation of the answers with cross-references
  • Participation in the publication of the results
  • Presentation at the trade fair EBAday 2020 together with the EBA
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