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In the midterm, SEPA instant payments will be established as the new standard for EU credit transfers. Both private and business customers of any size will profit from transactions that in the future are executed in a secure and fast way from the initial order to the executed instruction – virtually in real time. PPI offers financial institutions and payment service providers efficient and tailor-made solutions for instant payments.

The requirements of SEPA instant payments confronts financial institutions with the challenge of using scalable and interruption-free systems that can not only handle a considerably larger transaction volume but also continue their operation during release changes – 24/7/365. This is a challenge for the core processing and the interfaces of all surrounding systems like booking systems or for the connection to the clearing. In addition, it has to be guaranteed that the traditional processing of credit transfers and the fall-back for financial institutions, which do not support instant payments, is working smoothly.

With the TRAVIC-Payment-Hub (TPH) and TRAVIC-Interbank PPI provides the right solutions even for the area of instant payments.  

TRAVIC-Payment-Hub is the central platform for the core processing in the payments sector with a connection to clearing houses, correspondents and the instant payment messaging. With this solution instant payment transactions are processed within 40 ms –especially in high load situations with a low energy-efficient use of the hardware. The TRAVIC-Payment-Hub supports you with flexible workflows, customisable interfaces and the buffering of information for components in the system environment that are not available 24/7/365.

You can connect any interbank gateway for the corresponding networks to the TRAVIC-Payment-Hub. With TRAVIC-Interbank PPI offers an own EBICS-based gateway for the connection to the EBA-Clearing services RT1 and STEP2, Bundesbank-SCL and the bilateral clearing. That is why the product TRAVIC Interbank is a valuable complement to the TRAVIC-Payment-Hub.

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