Secure exchange of payment information between financial institutions

TRAVIC-Interbank is Europe’s leading system for the bilateral data exchange in SEPA and garage clearing for financial institutions and clearing participants.


This product by the PPI AG is based, among others, on the EBICS protocol, making it a flexible and cost-efficient solution. TRAVIC-Interbank supports both the procedures for bulk payments (STEP2) and the procedures for instant payments (RT1).

For bulk payments in the interbank sector usually large payment files are transmitted, which need to be authenticated with the help of encryption procedures and signatures. These tasks are performed by TRAVIC-Interbank. For instant payments TRAVIC-Interbank forms the basis for a performant and interruption-free 24/7/365 operation.


With TRAVIC-Interbank financial institutions use a system that has been established as a market leader on an international scale thanks to the following characteristics:

  • Support of all EBICS order types for interbank payments and instant payments
  • Automated high throughput (1.000 instant payments messages per second at minimum throughput times of ca. 15 milliseconds)
  • EBICS as an access channel for bulk payments with EBA Clearing via STEP2
  • Scalability – secure and performant even in running operation on cost-efficient hardware
  • System independency (available for z/OS, AIX and Linux environments)
  • Short installation and configuration times

Now also available as payments as a service!

You can now purchase our TRAVIC suite products either on-premises or as a service with operation in the cloud. Get in touch with us!

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