Universal, automated and secure data transfer

When handling their payments with financial institutions, corporate customers trust that all of their processes operate smoothly and securely. Especially companies with a high volume or time-sensitive processes need fully-automated solutions on which they can depend anytime. TRAVIC-Link perfectly meets these requirements, both internally and for the data transfer with financial institutions.

As a universal solution TRAVIC-Link supports EBICS and other protocols for the automation of payments and file transfers. Company scripts and interfaces can optionally be connected to initiate or monitor payments and file transfers.

Therefore it is perfectly suited for making the data exchange more efficient and flexible while at the same time allowing for an integration into the existing infrastructure.


TRAVIC-Link supports the EBICS standard for bank communication in all its forms:

  • For German financial institutions (according to DK, including SDC procedure)
  • For French financial institutions (according to CFONB with the authorisation procedures T and TS)
  • For Swiss financial institutions (according to SIX)
  • For Portuguese financial institutions
  • For interbank payments with the Bundesbank, EBA CLEARING or “garage clearing” by financial institutions

Apart from EBICS, the public file transfer protocols FTP, FTPS and SFTP are supported. In addition, a variety of other file transfer procedures are available. That way TRAVIC-Link can be extended to be your strategic gateway for the entire internal and external file transfer.


Now also available as payments as a service!

You can now purchase our TRAVIC suite products either on-premises or as a service with operation in the cloud. Get in touch with us!

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Michael Lembcke


Michael Lembcke
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Jeannine Ster
Sales Manager for Payments Products

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