TRAVIC-Payment Hub Instant Payments

Uninterrupted, robust and scalable implementation of SEPA instant payments processes

Instant payments present completely new challenges for financial institutions and require extensive modifications to the processing systems. With TRAVIC-Payment Hub, financial institutions benefit from an excellent, high-performance platform for payments which is explicitly optimised for the processing of real-time payments – maintenance-free in 24/7/365 operation.

European payments are undergoing major structural changes. Customers expect immediate availability of incoming credit transfers, transaction volumes are increasing and real-time payments are growing more and more important in Europe. Even during release changes, 24/7/365 operation without interruptions must be ensured. All transactions must be processed in an equally fast, secure and robust manner.


TRAVIC-Payment Hub processes instant payments within 40ms – even under high loads!

For this innovative platform, the system properties have been transferred to a new IT architecture. We have designed it in such a way that even in the event of transaction peaks and temporary failures of internal systems or correspondents, a smooth and high-performance solution for real-time payment transactions is ensured.

Benefit from the Internet-capable TRAVIC-Payment Hub, which also offers crucial advantages when it comes to functional requirements. This platform supports flexible workflows and allows individual implementation of the interfaces, enabling, for example, the buffering of information for slower peripheral systems and the balancing of liquidity flows.


Instant payments as bulk submission for corporate customers

In addition to individual real-time payments, TRAVIC-Payment Hub naturally also supports real-time bulks as defined by the German Banking Industry Committee since 2019. The TPH job server handles bulk processing, i.e. the validation, balance check and future payments processing as well as bulk splitting and the generation of status reports for the bulk. The TPH instant server handles the processing of the single messages.

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Now also available as payments as a service!

You can now purchase our TRAVIC suite products either on-premises or as a service with operation in the cloud. Get in touch with us!

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