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The centre of communication – active and on all channels

TRAVIC-Push-Server offers financial institutions, companies and software manufacturers a performant and especially secure instrument for the active customer communication. The multi-channel capability enables the technical accessibility of customers based on their personal preferences. Easy and convenient in one component – with TRAVIC-Push-Server.

Today's customers expect to be actively informed about events and important news almost in real time. They do not want to keep checking for possible newly available content. This needlessly requires time and also puts a strain on the IT infrastructures of all involved parties.

At the same time, the use cases are so diverse that a single communication channel is not sufficient. Customers can use several channels in parallel and want to be notified on these channels and in their preferred language.

TRAVIC-Push-Server bundles all channels in one central component:

  • Mobile push messages to smartphone apps
  • EBICS real-time notifications via WebSocket (EBICS specification for real-time notifications according to the DFÜ agreement)
  • E-mail dispatch via SMTP
  • Notifications to desktop applications
  • Operator-specific channels for specialised use cases

In addition, the WebSocket interface prepares financial institutions for other important market topics: Request to Pay (RTP) and electronic bank account management (eBAM). TRAVIC-Push-Server can be used for notifications when a new payment request is received and for either accepting or rejecting it. The active notification function is also available for eBAM, the digitalisation of the life cycle of an account, and thus accelerates the existing processes.

TRAVIC-Push-Server offers highest security and a performant operation:

The security architecture includes a two-level message system. First, mobile push messages are sent as short messages without sensitive information via the server of the respective smartphone manufacturer's push service. Afterwards, an app can retrieve the detailed long message via a direct, secure channel from the TRAVIC-Push-Server using a gateway of the financial institution. This offers many possibilities and is also an inexpensive alternative to older, expensive methods such as SMS.

TRAVIC-Push-Server can be integrated as a central communication component in various IT infrastructures. The advantages include an efficient and resource-saving operation. Furthermore, the supported cluster operation enables the scalability of the system.

Active communication with customers using various channels – simple and all in one solution: this is your TRAVIC-Push-Server.

Now also available as payments as a service!

You can now purchase our TRAVIC suite products either on-premises or as a service with operation in the cloud. Get in touch with us!

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