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Actively informing your customers – on all channels

The TRAVIC-Push-Server offers financial institutions, companies with payment services and software manufacturers a high-performance and most of all secure tool that supplies their customers with any text-based information via the app on their mobile device.

Cybercrime presents a growing threat. Therefore, being able to actively inform your customers anytime and worldwide about the use of their account is important. A very efficient way to do this are push messages on the respective device or e-mails to the customer. This presents a real alternative to the previously used SMS, since the push messages are provided without cost.

The TRAVIC-Push-Server uses the secure HTTPS format for the transfer of payment information in online banking. It consists of an open web service interface to specialised systems in the HTTP(S) format and an API that integrates the message reception into the mobile app.

The API is available for iOS and Android.


Thomas Stuht


Dr. Thomas Stuht

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Jeannine Ster


Jeannine Ster
Sales Manager for Payment Products

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