Strategic consulting services and ad-hoc software development for banks, insurance companies, and financial service providers

The PPI Group, of which PPI Italia is the newest member, has been a successful consulting company and software house for over 30 years.
With our consulting services we help banks, insurance companies, and financial service providers to have higher levels of efficiency and pursue new selling opportunities by effectively enabling new business approaches and innovative technologies to gain a competitive advantage.

At PPI our clients come first. We focus on their needs and work closely with them to propose and develop solutions that fit their requests and necessities. To do so, we create and propose innovative solutions and define an appropriate organisation to manage the project until it goes live. Determining which areas require reengineering or reinventing can be tough and requires extensive skills and accurate investigations.

PPI’s strategic consultancy and product/service offering has been consistently and successfully playing a major role in the transformation of the European financial industry. In fact, we have created distinctive value for our clients as proven by a community of 250 European financial institutions being recurring buyers.

A good combination of industry expertise and IT skills is crucial to effectively make use of the new technologies. This is PPI’s strength: we merge the know-how, the experience, and the competence of experts to successfully build solutions that perfectly match our clients’ needs.

Relationships with our customers are based on transparency, making the collaboration trustable, reliable, flexible, and simple. Our main goal is to simplify the implementation of complex solutions for our clients, helping them to be successful even in such a constantly changing environment.

Consulting portfolio


Every year the number of executed cashless transactions increases rapidly. Our experts for card payments make sure that your systems and processes are well-positioned for this growing market.

Cross-border & high-value

For cross-border and interbank payments, major structural and operative changes will happen in the coming years. Our team helps you to make the right decisions and implement them successfully.

Domestic payments

Mass payments are still the main focus of the financial world – and mastering them is the ultimate challenge. Accordingly, this area is of utmost importance for our consultants.

Processes & IT architecture

Efficient payments systems require a modern system architecture and lean processes based on the operational excellence ap-proach. We support you in aligning your system landscape according to these criteria.


As part of the digitisation, completely new possibilities for the processing of payment transactions have emerged. We identify trends that will be decisive when preparing your company for the future.


Sergio Bordoni

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Sergio Bordoni
Managing Director

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Ivano Galluzzo

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Ivano Galluzzo
Sales Director & Strategic Alliances

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