Cards Academy

If you can’t train tomorrow leaders, you will miss relevance and innovation

With over 30 years of specific industry know-how in major European geographies, PPI Italia Card Center of Excellence maintains and reinforces on an ongoing basis an internal academy capable to train and coach junior technical and functional resources, meeting long-term industry needs of card processors and issuers.

One of the main challenges that the cards industry is facing nowadays is the lack of experts. As a matter of fact, while the demand for industry specialists is constantly growing, the offering is steadily decreasing due to retirements and staff reduction within the financial institutions community.

Moreover, the cards and payments industries are converging into new payment means and transformation initiatives often fail because of the lack of adequate staff and know-how. Thanks to its distinctive industry reputation and its stratified know-how for both cards and payments, PPI can attract, hire, train and effectively make use of junior resources in this industry, scaling up capacities to the needs of its clients. The main goal of our Cards Academy is to deploy junior resources with extensive industry-specific competences gained throughout the dedicated training path.

The training curricula can vary in depth and topics to adjust to specific needs, so as to fulfil the demand for incremental specialist workforce without compromising project performance and delivery goals. During the training activities, we aim to impart specific card-and-payments-related competences. This way we create 360° junior cards-and-payments experts who leave our academy enriched with new skills and methodologies and are a perfect fit to meet the staffing needs of the industry.

PPI can then shadow new hiring processes, securing that adequate seniority is put in place to guarantee solid personal and professional growth while achieving and preserving an optimal staffing mix.


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