Global Instant Payments

The long way to a global solution

Admittedly, not only in Europe are instant payments a current topic. However, there is still a long way to go for the conception of a global stringent solution. The implementation of existing systems into a standardised framework and the creation of a global connectivity will be some of the critical factors in the coming years. For financial institutions who tackle this task early on, presenting a well thought out solution is going to be a decisive competitive advantage.

The topic of instant payments is currently one of the biggest driving factors in the payments world. In Europe various Euro- and non-Euro instant-payments solutions are already in operation and with the introduction of SEPA instant payments there is even a pan-European, interoperable solution that is unique worldwide.

There are big differences between the various solutions that can execute payments within and outside of Europe in real time or almost real time. The definition of the term “instant” is apparently elastic. Not all solutions offer the execution of payments in seconds, but instead often require minutes or actually hours for the booking.

Even the systems for direct posting on the account and the provision of the amount for the recipient are not always continually available but sometimes only operate during the established business hours of the financial institutions.

The consulting team of the PPI AG provides you with an overview of the various variants, versions and models of global instant payments.


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