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Payments systems and modern system architecture are not mutually exclusive

Secure and efficient payments systems are of crucial importance for a functioning financial system. Steadily growing requirements due to new technological standards, increasing regulatory demands and progressive transition from pure batch processing to real-time processing are constantly adding to the complexity of the systems and system landscapes. When setting up new payments systems and integrating new functions into existing system landscapes, special attention should therefore be paid to a modern and efficient system architecture. The architecture is also the basis for efficient and uninterrupted payments according to the operational excellence approach.

The architectural challenges of payments systems in a transformation process are manifold:

  • The integration of new business functions into existing monolithic systems involves enormous complexity risks. A (step-by-step) modularisation based on functionally defined system boundaries can reduce project risks in a targeted manner.
  • In distributed systems, the interfaces between the individual systems are constantly gaining importance. Through a consistent definition of business APIs and by following a strict API first approach, the system boundaries can be defined precisely as early as in the conception phase and responsibilities can be allocated clearly.
  • Particularly the special requirements of real-time systems in terms of stability, scalability, performance and continuous availability require the definition of clear architectural guidelines.

In our Enterprise Payment Architecture Team, we combine extensive experience in concept creation and implementation of complex system architectures optimised for our customers with in-depth knowledge of processes and standards for classic payments, card-based payments and current e-commerce payment methods. We look back on a large number of successful projects, be it in the integration of our payments products into existing system landscapes, the migration of complete payments systems, the connection of authorisation systems for modern payment procedures and card payments or the modularisation of monolithic transaction-processing systems.

We are happy to support you:

  • In integrating new payments systems into your existing system landscape
  • In adapting your systems to new business requirements
  • In a targeted modernisation of your payments system architecture and the related processes

No chance for stagnation: operational excellence

Stagnation equals regression – if you want to stay successful and competitive, you should continuously review your business. This includes the coordination of all processes and the optimisation of the involved systems. Especially in the area of bulk payments a lot of factors can help you to reach and control operational excellence.

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Taking the direct route: Straight Through Processing

Changes in the media format take up valuable time and resources and make processes more susceptible to errors. These errors by financial institutions and companies are no longer acceptable in an increasingly faster finance world. To reduce the number of media breaks, financial institutions focus increasingly on Straight Through Processing (STP).

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