Operational excellence

No chance for stagnation: operational excellence

Stagnation equals regression – if you want to stay successful and competitive, you should continuously review your business. This includes the coordination of all processes and the optimisation of the involved systems. Especially in the area of bulk payments a lot of factors can help you to reach and control operational excellence.

Payment processes are complex and affect the entire range of services of a financial institution: from the input channel to the output of payments many different instances work together – and therefore it is best to look at them together instead of only considering individual components. When it comes to process optimisation it is important to view the bigger picture.

With that, the time synchronisation of interfaces is just as important as ensuring the system interoperability and a common understanding of the used data formats. To save costs and time, you can for example merge creation, test and release processes. Other factors are inbound and outbound payments that can be optimised and combined according to their target country, date or priority.

In addition to formats and behaviour, for all operations you have to check whether the used system, the hardware and the intended resources are suitably available and harmonised. If necessary, a platform change might make a positive difference – i.e. in case the hard- and software solutions are too small or even over-proportionated for the respective task.


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