Success story EBA Request to Pay survey

Joint survey of EBA and PPI shows great interest in pan-European electronic payment request

The Euro Banking Association (EBA) and PPI AG wanted to know what European companies think about the new Request to Pay (RTP) standard for electronic payment requests. Together, they conducted an extensive survey from September 2020 to February 2021. The final results now available confirm the demand for RTP and provide financial institutions with valuable conclusions for the design of corresponding services.

On the 15th of June, the first set of rules for a Europe-wide uniform electronic payment request came into force with the SEPA Request to Pay (SRTP) rulebook. But is there any need for the use of RTP at all? Which use scenarios are considered? And how do financial services providers' services need to be designed so that companies and end customers can make the most of them? The EBA and PPI AG investigated these questions in a joint survey. Companies from 20 countries responded to the detailed questionnaire, two thirds of which have annual sales of more than 50 million euros. In addition, detailed, structured interviews were conducted with ten companies in order to draw in-depth conclusions regarding their needs. The final report "Request to Pay: What Corporates Want" has now been published.

Key results briefly summarised:

  • Nearly 100 % of the companies surveyed have an interest in using RTP and welcome its Europe-wide operational capability.
  • For a large majority, the point of sale and e-invoicing are particularly suitable areas of application. The respondents see the highest potential in e-commerce.
  • An additional benefit for the surveyed companies is the possibility to include structured remittance information in the data record.
  • At the same time, success factors for RTP have emerged that are not yet fulfilled to the desirable extent, for example:
    • High market penetration
    • Use in combination with instant payments or other payment guarantee options
    • Integration into standardised, fully automatic processes that are connected e.g. to ERP systems

The EBA survey and PPI AG – successful cooperation


  • Determining the European companies’ level of knowledge of RTP
  • Identifying the RTP fields of application by means of use case studies
  • Understanding the companies’ perspective regarding the use of RTP
  • Clarifying further success factors for RTP


  • Europe-wide survey of corporate customers by means of a structured questionnaire
  • Evaluation of the answers and formation of result clusters
  • Evaluation and publication of the survey results


"The European survey reflects a clear opinion on the RTP procedure. The highlight presentation shows that corporates are very pleased with the process, what services they expect and what benefits they see for themselves.”

Thomas Egner, Secretary General, Euro Banking Association

PPI services

  • Contributions on technical and business contexts and applications for RTP users
  • Participation in the conception of the questionnaire
  • Preparation and follow-up of the interviews
  • Evaluation of the answers with cross-references
  • Participation in the publication of the results
  • Presentation at the trade fair EBAday 2020 together with the EBA


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