Whitepaper Request to Pay (part 3)

Request to Pay – from theory to success in practice

On 15 June 2021, the launch of SEPA Request to Pay (SRTP) has paved the way for banking products and banking services that focus on the new European standard for electronic payment requests. So far, however, financial institutions have reacted rather cautiously, although there is no reason to wait. This is what is shown in the new whitepaper "How Request to Pay becomes a success story for financial service providers" by PPI AG.


The pan-European electronic Request to Pay (RTP) has turned from a theoretical concept into a real standard in mid-2021. However, financial service providers have so far been hesitant about the concrete implementation. Why? The technical integration should be feasible, the resource expenditure roughly comparable to that of an instant payments introduction. These necessary investments should be amortised by the advantages in terms of customer loyalty or possible value-added services.

The clock is ticking because even though no major player has yet publicly announced RTP services, current indications suggest that this will soon change. Sooner or later, a whole product world around RTP will emerge. Financial institutions that get on board now can benefit from this development. The PPI whitepaper analyses the market situation for RTP products, guides through the technical issues and shows ways into the market.

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Key findings of the whitepaper "How Request to Pay becomes a success story for financial service providers":

  • There are plenty of application scenarios for RTP.
  • Among financial service providers there are hardly any discernible efforts to launch products based on RTP.
  • A clear majority of European companies can imagine using RTP in their own payment processes.
  • Technical concerns are understandable but unfounded. Of course, a number of questions arise before the launch of an RTP-based product. Still, these questions can all be answered.
  • Time is running out. With classic development models, an RTP project takes between 18 and 24 months. However, the duration can be reduced using agile methods.
  • The resources required are about the same as for an instant payments introduction. If a financial institution has realised this introduction process already, the costs are reduced by 60-70 %.
  • RTP is an expression of the ongoing digital transformation of state and society. It will be difficult for financial institutions to not get involved. Entering the market right at the start is the better way to go.

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