cysmo® | Cyber risk assessment

The industry standard for cyber risk ratings in the insurance sector

cysmo® is cyber risk rating at the touch of a button specifically tailored to the needs of the insurance industry. It is a proven digital technology that scans commercial enterprises to identify vulnerabilities before cyber criminals can exploit them.

More than 25 insurers in Europe value cysmo®’s cyber risk ratings. A technically driven approach eliminates so called "false positives" – no manual actions or "guessing" are required. This leads to a maximisation of quality reports. Due to automation, report results are generated within an average of 1 minute.


Our solution allows

  • Brokers to consult clients on their respective cyber risks and the best ways to master them, including tailored cyber insurance
  • Underwriters to make better underwriting decisions relying on instant ratings of the actual vulnerability profile
  • Portfolio managers to make informed portfolio steering decisions to reduce or manage specific risk patterns of a strategic or systemic nature and ensure sustainable portfolio development

cysmo® Sales

Through the integrated illustrative representations in cysmo® Sales, cyber risks can be made more tangible to the policyholder.

cysmo® Underwriting

By defining rules based on cysmo® data, the risk assessment process can be automated, simplified and made transparent. Critical risks can be identified at an early stage.

cysmo® Analytics

Assess portfolios of any size automatically at the touch of a button and in real time to identify potential accumulation risks and respond quickly to waves of attacks.


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